Monday, 31 March 2008

Birthday baking

Yesterday we took down all the sympathy cards for the day and celebrated our youngest son's 16th birthday, everyone was home from University and from whatever else they were doing and we had lunch out together in the New Forest at a nice country pub. In fact it was nice enough for us to sit out in the garden and eat.

This picture is the birthday cake, inspired by Jane Brocket's blog..

I was looking at her blog when my son ambled past and saw the cake she had made and announced that it was the cake he would like too. Well it may not be as pretty as the original that Jane made but it was yummy!

Friday, 28 March 2008


My lovely Welsh Mum-in-law passed away on Easter Monday aged 92, we shall miss her alot but glad for her that she is out of pain and discomfort. I will miss our Tuesday morning cups of tea and a biscuit we used to have at her rest home in her room. I used to take a flask of boiling water down there and make a pot of tea for the two of us...she hated the tea that came round on a trolley! I'll miss her lovely Welsh accent from Snowdonia and hearing her speak Welsh on the phone to her sisters. I'll just miss her...Rest in peace Mair

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Sunday

I'm totally exhausted tonight, had a houseful of people all day for dinner and tea. I had to work a late shift yesterday evening so didn't get in until 9.30pm and had to get roast turkey and all the bits with it done. Made a simnel cake, some Easter biscuits and fairy cakes and some Easter bread with cinnamon and almonds on the top.
Went to Church this morning to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead, lovely service and a special day.

My middle son came home from University last night, his girlfriend didn't think he was coming till he laid an Easter egg trail from her house to a park near her home and hid in the bushes with rabbit ears on to surprise her (her Mum was in on the secret)! Well he certainly surprised her I don't think she's recovered yet!!! Ah...young love !
I had a go at putting these eggs together by making holes in the eggs with a hot knife and putting the little chicks in them. I know it's not correct with two chicks in each one....perhaps it was a double yolker! The big chick coming out of the middle egg looks a bit demented I think! My husband was watching the football on the TV so that's on in the background...where would British men be without "Match of the Day" on a Saturday evening?

Friday, 21 March 2008

Recent quilt

The top picture is a quilt I recently finished, it's made using old embroidered traycloths, tablecloths, etc.. from my lovely Welsh Mum-in-laws home. Sadly she had to move into a rest home and now she is very poorly in hospital but when we cleared out her house I came across these old bits. I cut the decent bits out and made them into this quilt. I took it into hospital the other day and she loved it and it had good memories for her. She would like it on her hospital bed but that's not allowed so she says she'll use it when she gets out but sadly she is declining every day, she is 92 so we'll see.

The second rather bright quilt was made for a nurse who I worked with as a gift for her new baby. It is bright but Antonia and her husband are African so the colours suited their little one well, they were thrilled with it and little one uses it alot I am told. It's a foundation quilt which I have just started to have a go at and really enjoy and I can do by hand with the family in the lounge in the evenings. I have plenty more pictures of different quilts so will put them on every now and agian.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Fairy Houses

Last year my youngest son built this little fairy house when we were visiting some woods, he hoped that some small child would come along after we had gone and find it and be enchanted by its magical look. It was near a seat so maybe someone did see it after we had left, I like to think so.I think I may follow his lead and leave some little houses around this year for children to find!

This was on a walk near the home of the famous author, Thomas Hardy near Dorchester in Dorset.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Easter Plans

I thought I had this week mapped out and Easter weekend sorted but people are going off sick at work for various reasons and so shifts have had to be changed round and I am now working on Easter Saturday instead of Easter maybe that's good really. I'm hoping to do a bit of sewing over the weekend and get out into the country to do some walking with Mr G and the dog.

I have heard that our Church is joining another Church for a dawn service on Easter Sunday, so I might get up for that. I have an idea for making Easter Eggs this year, I have bought a basic chocolate egg and I want to decorate them with little chicks I have bought, I have an idea in my head, if it works I'll post a picture post weekend. It's a fun time of year in the kitchen, simnel cake, easter biscuits and people coming round and the young ones home from Uni, to eat it. The picture is taken not far from our home and maybe we'll walk there this weekend, hope so.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Cold spring days

Back to work today after my holiday which because of my shifts has worked out to be nearly three weeks! I feel a little nervous going back as I won't know any of the patients but know that by the end of the shift it will be fine. I am blessed to work with a great bunch of girls, there is never any backbiting, the teamwork is amazing.
These daffodils have been on the kitchen table and were beautiful, the season for daffs is nearly over here but there are other flowers to look forward to, tulips will be next and primroses.
My daughter has just bought herself a car over the weekend ( with a loan from Dad and Mum ! ) It's her first car and she has yet to take her test but her driving instructor says she is ready to take it lookout UK ! I can't believe my children are old enough to drive cars doesn't seem two minutes ago they were rushing round in pedal cars as toddlers. One of my son's has a very ancient original mini, it's lovely but breaks down regularly, good job he's doing motor sport car engineering at University!
The BBC have been showing a really good film of the life of Jesus this week over 4 days, it is called "The Passion" ( No, it's not the film of the same name ) this one is made for TV. Watch it if you can.

Monday, 17 March 2008

New but keen

I decided to have a go at this blogging stuff and hopefully meet new people online with similar interests. I love anything creative , quilting, painting, baking, writing, reading....the list goes on. At the moment I'm working on a quilt which is on the theme of an English cottage garden, with roses, sweet peas and all sorts of flowers. If I have been sucessful in uploading a photo it should be here on the blog! I also try to walk 4 miles a day in an effort to keep fit, it's not always possible due to work and other stuff but I try!
Today is the last day off after two weeks holiday, it has been lovely to have more time to do things at home and spend time with friends. Hence why I have had time to quilt and walk more! Unfortunately the second week was very wet and windy so I was unable to get out and about quite so much, still today looks good so I'm off to enjoy it.