Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Cold spring days

Back to work today after my holiday which because of my shifts has worked out to be nearly three weeks! I feel a little nervous going back as I won't know any of the patients but know that by the end of the shift it will be fine. I am blessed to work with a great bunch of girls, there is never any backbiting, the teamwork is amazing.
These daffodils have been on the kitchen table and were beautiful, the season for daffs is nearly over here but there are other flowers to look forward to, tulips will be next and primroses.
My daughter has just bought herself a car over the weekend ( with a loan from Dad and Mum ! ) It's her first car and she has yet to take her test but her driving instructor says she is ready to take it ....so lookout UK ! I can't believe my children are old enough to drive cars around...it doesn't seem two minutes ago they were rushing round in pedal cars as toddlers. One of my son's has a very ancient original mini, it's lovely but breaks down regularly, good job he's doing motor sport car engineering at University!
The BBC have been showing a really good film of the life of Jesus this week over 4 days, it is called "The Passion" ( No, it's not the film of the same name ) this one is made for TV. Watch it if you can.

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