Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Easter Plans

I thought I had this week mapped out and Easter weekend sorted but people are going off sick at work for various reasons and so shifts have had to be changed round and I am now working on Easter Saturday instead of Easter maybe that's good really. I'm hoping to do a bit of sewing over the weekend and get out into the country to do some walking with Mr G and the dog.

I have heard that our Church is joining another Church for a dawn service on Easter Sunday, so I might get up for that. I have an idea for making Easter Eggs this year, I have bought a basic chocolate egg and I want to decorate them with little chicks I have bought, I have an idea in my head, if it works I'll post a picture post weekend. It's a fun time of year in the kitchen, simnel cake, easter biscuits and people coming round and the young ones home from Uni, to eat it. The picture is taken not far from our home and maybe we'll walk there this weekend, hope so.

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