Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Sunday

I'm totally exhausted tonight, had a houseful of people all day for dinner and tea. I had to work a late shift yesterday evening so didn't get in until 9.30pm and had to get roast turkey and all the bits with it done. Made a simnel cake, some Easter biscuits and fairy cakes and some Easter bread with cinnamon and almonds on the top.
Went to Church this morning to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead, lovely service and a special day.

My middle son came home from University last night, his girlfriend didn't think he was coming till he laid an Easter egg trail from her house to a park near her home and hid in the bushes with rabbit ears on to surprise her (her Mum was in on the secret)! Well he certainly surprised her I don't think she's recovered yet!!! Ah...young love !
I had a go at putting these eggs together by making holes in the eggs with a hot knife and putting the little chicks in them. I know it's not correct with two chicks in each one....perhaps it was a double yolker! The big chick coming out of the middle egg looks a bit demented I think! My husband was watching the football on the TV so that's on in the background...where would British men be without "Match of the Day" on a Saturday evening?

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