Saturday, 12 April 2008

Crafty afternoon

I have just got home after a craft afternoon at church where several people showed different crafts such as Pottery painting, paper making, card craft, patchwork and quilting. I did patchwork and three people came to learn the basics. One of them really was enthusiastic and I think she will carry on at home. I showed them how to make a small block using foundation quilting which they made into a potholder. I was surprised at some of the women who turned up who I thought wouldn't be interested in the so called 'gentle arts' but really enjoyed the chance to have a go. The peace and gentle chatting and laughter that went on for the two hours was lovely and we all agreed we'd like to make it a regular thing. I suppose it's a bit like the quilting Bee's that used to happen in the USA, maybe they still do...let me know if you belong to one, I'd love to know how they work. Oh well, off to walk the dog now, hopefully out in the countryside if I can persuade Mr G!

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