Monday, 14 April 2008

Lambing time

Meet Martha.... isn't she lovely. This afternoon my friend,

Suzie and I went to visit another staff nurse we work with called Jenny. Jenny and her husband have moved into a beautiful thatched cottage with a bit of land and she is hand rearing three orphaned lambs. Martha is the oldest and there are two others who are being bottle fed still. They have some white ducks and chicken and two dogs. The garden was full of birdsong and we saw a Nuthatch while we were there.
Jenny made us a cup of tea which we enjoyed in the garden whilst a Buzzard circled overhead and we relaxed in the peace and tranquility of the country.
Me and Mr Goose have often dreamt of running a Bed and Breakfast place in the country somewhere and I must admit to thinking that we should get on and do it before it's too late. Our children are growing up and becoming independant and now we do not have any dependant parents ( for a while ) maybe it's a good time.......

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