Thursday, 17 April 2008

Nanny's Rose Garden Quilt

This was a quilt that I made about 22-23 years ago for my Grandma who at the time was terminally ill. She loved Roses so the shapes were meant to denote a rose. It was made by hand in Laura Ashley fabric of the time. It's beginning to look a bit tired now but she enjoyed it and used it as a comforter. I believe I got the inspiration from an American magazine that I had got hold of somehow!...they were hard to get hold of here in the UK at that time.

I was musing with a friend yesterday about how perfect everyones lives seem in blogland, we only need to show what we want to show...and maybe thats how it should be. I look at other peoples blogs and they all seem to live in perfect homes with perfect it me!!!!

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Mary said...

I love your comment on this one. If I showed my "real life" and house on blogland, I think someone would send in the Board of Health and have me committed. Both my house and garden are in need of serious attention, my quilt room is a disaster, and I don't get anything done because I spend too much time blogging and taking photos! Hmmm....I'm really thinking about downsizing something....just don't know what...and get my life in control.