Saturday, 26 April 2008

Night Shift

Oh dear, last night I was on a night shift and I'm not brilliant at nights! We only had seven patients but they kept us fairly busy all night. It's evening now and I've only had about 4 hours sleep in the last 36 hours so am feeling a bit spaced out! Went for a walk....or rather a slow amble this afternoon at Durleston
near Swanage. It was a lovely day and while we were there a passing gentleman who was walking too, pointed out some orchids which he said are called Early Spider Orchids, and I took this photo of it.
During the early hours of this morning there were a couple of foxes outside the Hospice making a huge row..and there is always a robin that sings during the darkness in one of the trees outside.
Well I'm going to sneek off to bed now, I've been rewatching my Poldark DVD's recently, a bit of escapism is lovely before you fall asleep!

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