Saturday, 5 April 2008


I had to work today but we only had 4 patients so it was a little too quiet, but actually probably just as well as we have a bit of staff sickness so it doesn't matter that we have less staff. I really enjoy palliative care and it's not as grim as it sounds. I meet some of the bravest, most cheerful people you could ever wish to makes you count your own blessings.

I have been for a good walk this evening at a local country park which goes down to the sea and the harbour. Lots of birds around as the tide was out and I had left my binoculars at home ! Saw a lovely heron with a perfect reflection in the water.

The wider family are starting to arrive tomorrow for the funeral on Monday, I have cooked loads as some of them will be here for tea tomorrow evening as well as the "do" after the service. I have tried to be sensible with my eating and I certainly have not overeaten or binged.

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