Sunday, 27 April 2008

Yogurt Cake and 3 silly boys in a boat

A delightful lady who I nursed gave me this recipe for an easy cake which lasts well ( unless you have a family like mine who don't give it the chance to keep!) I'm not a great lover of yogurt but I promise you really don't get a yogurt taste. This is how it's made;

1 individual yogurt, any favour you like but not natural.Toffee or chocolate is nice.
Pour into a bowl
Now use the pot as your measure and put in
1 measure oil
2 measures sugar
3 measures self raising flour
2 eggs

Mix it all up well, add anything you like such as
dried fruit
chocolate chips

Cook in a slow oven for 1 1/4 hour 150 c in the middle of the oven.

I call this Christine's cake to remind me of her. Sadly she has since passed away but every time I make this cake I'll think of her.

My youngest son went out on Saturday with four of his friends to a local river. They had an idea to walk about 2 miles downstream and to 'sail' back in a two man rubber dingy. Not suprisingly the boat couldn't handle five 16 year old boys and the bottom fell out! Not to be outdone three of them continued with the mission and used it like a ring to float back to where they had come from....however they came to a division in the river and took the wrong tributary. After climbing up into a field they found themselves face to face with a rather large bull who gave them the idea he wanted them off his land, so back into the water they went until they got to a safer field to cross despite some inquisitive bullocks...this is all in bare feet! They eventually found their way back to the start where the other two lads were waiting and wondering if they should call for help as they had been gone for FIVE hours by this time! He is now suffering from a nasty case of sunburn and a flea in the ear from his mother!!!!

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