Friday, 16 May 2008

Bandit Starlings

Well to follow on from yesterday I put the mealworms out for the robin but he didn't come near. However this morning a mob of Starlings came in like RAF fighter jets and polished the lot off within minutes! Their beaks were so full they could hardly hold it all, the only thing that scared them was a Magpie dive bombing them....he was the jumbo jet! If you click on the photo you should be able to enlarge it.
Excuse the overgrown state of the garden in the photo, I like to keep alot of undergrowth (or overgrowth depending how you look at it!) around the bird table for the birds to hide in....well thats my excuse!
My friend ,Karen from work has introduced me to three things;
1. Blogging! and I love it, it's a nice way to express yourself in words and picture and 'meet' new people too. Karen is a blogger too and writes about her allotment and birds.
2. Mealworms...see above!
3. Asparagus peas. I had never heard of them before but she gave me some seeds to grow and they are coming up nicely
Thanks Karen.

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Teresa said...

Hi, I have you listed on my pincushion swap, but just realized that your email does not show me your real email address, but rather one that says "no-reply@blogspot" Could you email me privately your correct email address?

Thanks, Teresa (