Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The Bucket and Spade tree

I haven't been anywhere today so I'm putting in a few recently taken pictures. This cross is in a graveyard of a tiny chapel called St Catherines which is perched on the cliffs overlooking Ringstead Bay near Weymouth. The cross is so simple but beautifully positioned. There is a lovely walk down to the sea but it's a long pull back up the hill again.
When we were at Lulworth Cove the other evening I found this hanging on the sea wall, it's made up of jelly shoes and babies dummies. I imagine they have all been collected on the beach after the visitors ( or Grockles as they are known in Dorset ) have gone home. .....with screaming babies no doubt having left the dummy behind!
And just up the road we saw the very rare 'Bucket and Spade' tree. I think it is only grown in Lulworth and was obviously in full flower when we saw it.


Pam said...

I am enjoying your pictures :)))

Love the Bucket and Spade tree. Very close to our old house there was a tree that grew Airplane Liquor bottles - it was a very successful tree one year and then it seemed to stop producing one summer -LOL

Marlene said...

It is interesting how the bucket and spade blooms all seem to be on the lower part of the tree. I wonder if perhaps a bird of some kind (a shorebird I'd guess)has picked all the buckets and spades from the upper branches.