Monday, 12 May 2008


This sunset was glorious seen from Ballard Down which is above the seaside town of Swanage. Amazing views all over the bay and Swanage and the other side over Poole Harbour. The field was a feast of wild flowers, orchids and cowslips especially. Only saw one other brave soul up there and he cycled up there on a mountain bike ( obviously insane! ) Came home with a bunch of cow parsley ( not from there I might add) which is in a jug now, on my kitchen table. I have to say that I prefer garden or wild flowers to adorn the kitchen table, florist stuff doesn't excite me at all really. I grow alot of wild flowers in the garden and they are just lovely. At the moment we have cowslips, primroses, bluebells, sweet cicely, cuckoo pint, Grannys bonnet, buttercups, ox eye daisy's and of course the odd dandylion in the garden. Cow parsley is so beautiful at this time of year, the lanes look like they are lined with lace on a soft green background. I think creativity is one of the most amazing gifts God has given us and we should enjoy it and use it as a gift. Look at the picture of this orchid, it's perfect and beautiful in every way and just left there for us to find and see and enjoy.

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Marlene said...

Your blog is always so beautiful it makes my heart ache. It also reminds me to look at the beauty around me. It is here, even in the city.