Friday, 23 May 2008

Dawn breaks on night shift

I was on night shift last night and at this time of year it's quite nice. To see the dawn creeping in from the east and gradually lighting up the day is a very special time. I have noticed that the birds begin to sing about 4a.m. but by 5a.m. they seem to go quiet for a while and then have another burst later. I could hear a fox barking and wood pigeons cooing, blackbirds and Robins singing. A yellow brimstone moth had found it's way into the office and kept us company next to the lamp all night...I left him in the tender care of the day staff when I left. Unfortunatly by 05.30 the humans are beginning to get up and the roads are busier with cars and early workers on their way to work and then the special part of the morning seems to have gone. Never mind....there's always tomorrow!
Sometimes on the way home after night shift I stop by the harbours edge in the photo and chill out a bit before I go home, it's a lovely spot and lots of seabirds to be seen. I recently saw some Turnstones, what pretty little birds they are.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I keep telling you this... but I love your blog! You have a truly special way of capturing and describing things in a truly wonderful way! How glad I am to have opened up this avenue to you! Was this picture taken at Baiter? My guess is the first bit of Baiter where the fishermen leave their boats and hang their nets to dry, just before you get to the last house on the right? Karen X

Sarah said...

Can you please put my OH out of his misery and tell me where this photo was taken? It's causing him no end of anguish because he can't get his bearings! He doesn't reckon it's Baiter.. but anonymous Karen sounds quite convinced!
Found your blog via Urban Extension and have been here far too long!

Goosey said...

Hi Sarah, Yes Karen is right, it is Baiter. The photo was taken from near where the fisherman bring their boats up to repair them and repaint them. Glad you enjoyed reading the blog.....even if it's caused you some frustration! I had a look to see if you are a blogger too but it won't let me see! Best wishes, Goosey

Sarah said...

Thanks for that.. however we're now going to have to go down there and have a look, just so he can see it for himself. Will also try out that walk along the railway line one day soon.
I look forward to being a regular visitor here! Sarah (reader not a blogger..)