Monday, 5 May 2008

Dorset villages

This is where we walked for about 4 miles this afternoon, it's a little village called Piddletrenthide....try saying that after a glass of wine! My husbands family is from the village and his Great Grandfather was a colourful local character who was the blacksmith. As you can see from the picture of my daughter and the dog the wild flowers are blossoming out. Cow Parsley and Red Campion, Wild Garlic and Bluebells, a few butterflys are flitting about and the little River Piddle (yes it really is called that) trickles through the village. The village is very beautiful and quiet and a lovely place to walk, and there is a lovely pub which does good meals there, however we didn't visit it today. My husbands family from many generations are buried in the churchyard of the Church pictured.
From my blog it looks as though all I do is get out and about and walk...not true, but we do on days off and whenever we can. Today is a Bank Holiday in the UK so we made good use of it.
Still trying to make one block a day for my current quilt, did the 20th block today out of 56. I'm doing it all by hand so it does take time.


Marlene said...

Piddletrenthide is sooo beautiful! It looks like you are having a spectacular spring. What a lovely place to take a walk.

montague pied a terre said...

What a beautiful blog! My wife and I have been to England twice and enjoyed it immensely. The pictures on the blog are like viewing The National Geographic magazine. You can visit our blog at montaguepiedaterre.blogspot to see where we are. It's interesting to see another comment by Marlene ... that's my wifes name.