Wednesday, 14 May 2008

An evening stroll by the River Stour

Last night was a beautiful early summer evening, Mr G and I walked along by the River Stour near Sturminster Marshall until we saw the sun set in a big orange ball over the meadows, reflected perfectly in the river. The land I believe is owned by the national trust so they do not use chemicals to care for it and it is filled with wild flowers and wildlife growing naturally. As we climbed over the first stile off the lane it felt like we had gone through the wardrobe into Narnia and found another magical world beyond. The river was just gently moving along but the Mayfly hatch had happened and thousands of Mayfly were flying all over the river and field and us! We counted 46 swans on the river, I don't think I have ever seen so many, apart from at the swannery at Abbotsbury. We saw and heard a cuckoo which is quite rare I think, it's only the third I have seen in my life. We heard Kingfishers but didn't see any last night.
The fields were full of buttercups, clover, cow parsley and grasses in flower but we will have to go back there in a month to see what else has flowered in the meadows.
This cow and her friends were in a field away from the flower meadow, I expect they will be allowed to graze in the meadows when all the flowers are over to crop it ready for next year. We have put her on our PC as the background picture now...isn't she lovely!
I had meant to write about quilting today but I'm afraid last night took my breath away and I wanted to share it.
If you read my blog "Three silly boys in a boat" ...this is where the adventure started when they sailed down the river. ( 27th April )

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