Thursday, 8 May 2008

A few moments in the garden

It's a lovely spring day and I am on night shift tonight so I feel able to spend a bit of time relaxing today as I have to be working all night! This is a corner of our garden and it's all beginning to look pretty, the fruit tree in full blossom with the sound of bees buzzing all over it. Last year the bees took up residence in a nesting box right near the trees, ousting a pair of Blue tits but we had a bumper crop of apples and pears as a result. Just behind the trees is a huge lilac which has been lovely this spring too. In front you can see Grandmas Bonnet (Aquiligia if you like) Cowslips are nearly over and the roses are well in bud.

I shall spend a little time reading a book, Consequences by E.M.Delafield which is written by a lady about 100 - 130 years ago and is a fascinating novel about life in those days and how hard it was for young girls to have any choices about the way their life would be.

No doubt Wrecks the dog will join me in the garden and keep me company. Great news my daughter has just catapulted through the door having just taken her driving test and passed first time with only '2 minors', if you have 14 or more you fail or of course if you do anything major you fail. I am delighted for her, this will change her life alot, being an independent young woman. I didn't sleep well a couple of nights ago having worried about her driving test but when I asked her how she had slept she said "Fine, slept like a log!" Why do we parents give ourselves such angst over our children?

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