Thursday, 29 May 2008

A birthday treat

I went back to Moonfleet today with my very good friend Suzie, we had a lovely walk along the shore, it was so quiet there. Suzie had never been there before and seemed to love it as much as I do, although maybe not all the mud I made her wade through to get there! I kept telling her the view would be worth it but I'm not sure she was convinced!
We had what was supposed to be a snack but was a huge meal in a lovely old pub at Osmington Mills overlooking the sea.
Very few birds around the Fleet lagoon, no swans (they are probably all at Abbotsbury nesting at the moment) a few mallard ducks and thats all.
I did see this beautiful orange tip butterfly as we neared the end of our walk and chased it along a hedgerow to get a photo while my long suffering friend removed her mud-caked shoes...sorry Suzie. Is it my imagination or are butterflies more brightly coloured in the countryside than in the suburban garden? The reason for the relaxing birthday!

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Marlene said...

Happy Birthday Goosey! You picked a wonderful way to celebrate.

Your photography (subjects and picture composition)continues to WOW me. Would you mind if I take some of your landscape photos to use in turn as the wallpaper on my computer at work? Only personal use I promise. They would really brighten my work days.