Friday, 30 May 2008

Just randomness

My daughter gave me these fabrics for my birthday yesterday, so pretty, I think I might make them into a bag and also a mobile phone case as D gave me a phone ( which I probably need a degree in to understand it!) I used to have a mobile but it broke about 6 months ago and I must admit I haven't really missed it at all. How did we get so dependant on these things? I now feel I can't do without it again now that I have one !
My youngest son cooked a meal for us last night as his was quite a long affair as an hour went by between starter and main course! By the time sweet course came round he lost the we had a piece of cake instead! He was all dressed up like a waiter, tea towel over his arm and we were instructed to dress up for dinner too. He couldn't find any wine so we were served with lemonade in wine glasses instead! He even washed up.....! Strange, but I swear the main course came out of my freezer.....well it was lovely not too cook for once!
Saw this old rowing boat down by the Fleet and thought it looked nice with the green weed round the base. It's got a load of water in it because it rained solid all day the day before. If the oars and rowlocks were there it would have been tempting to tip the water out and go for a row over to Chesil beach or just where the wind takes you.

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Marlene said...

This boat reminds me of me waiting for retirement.