Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Lacemaking is a dangerous sport!

I thought I would show someone elses work today, so...this is my Mum!....she had made the lace picture and had just been awarded a 'Highly Commended' at the Dorset arts and Crafts exhibition last year. As she has got older and a bit less physically able she has taken up lacemaking and is very good at it. My Father says she is as efficient working backwards as she is forwards as she is forever unpicking bits she is not happy with! She has always been a good needlewoman but for the last few years lace has been her passion. Mostly this is a safe hobby but a few weeks back when it was sunny (remember that?!?) she left her lace cushion in the bay window where she works on it, to have lunch. As they were eating a smell of burning wafted past, they ignored it to begin with, after all they had just been cooking. A few minutes later they decided to investigate and the lace cushion was on fire and a few lace bobbins were completely burnt through! She had left her magnifying glass in the sun...whoops. Thankfully the lace was OK and apart from a few lost bobbins and a hole in the cushion, all was not lost. You didn't know lace making could be classed as a dangerous sport did you!

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