Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Snowgoose rose

Last night and the evening before we went for a walk............no amble, over Hartland Moor. As you can see there were deer everywhere mostly in groups of 6 or 7. Cuckoo's were calling alot and other birdsong all around
us. This was where we saw a pair of Ospreys a year or so ago. No-one about last night really, just a couple of fishermen by a pond...didn't look as if they were catching anything.
The first roses are out in the garden and fittingly the very first to flower is this one and it's called Snowgoose! It's not my favourite rose but the Gertrude Jekyll is going to be out any day and that smells and looks wonderful.
Going to walk with my daughter tonight round a local country park, hoping to see a few birds there. She is all keen since passing her driving test last week so I'll make the most of it while she's so willing to drive!


paul said...

Yes, the hummers are exceedingly small. They are however very territorial and fight at the feeder a lot. They "buzz bomb" each other. They reappear on or about the 15th of May. I filled up the feeder friday and within 2 hours they were in full swing. I did not have white sugar so I used brown and they seemed to be OK with that. Actually when I was a camp counsellor long long ago I actually "held" a hummer. One of the counsellors had a bird net that he used to "band" birds. One morning he took me to the net at 5 am and there was a hummer. Very carefully we took it out and I carried it back to camp for the campers to see. I suppose if you GOOGLE hummingbirds you will come up with all kinds of facts. Your blog is still a facination to me. I told my soon to be nurse daughter about it. She's in Germany right now visiting an old girlfriend who so happens to be a doctor. I've gotten some really neat stuff from her via email. I remember our first trip to England (Corby) to visit friends ... it was like you had no contact with anyone back home ... things are DIFFERENT now. I'm sure she will love the blog. She especially loves dogs like Wrecks.

You Know Who (YKW) said...

Forgot to mention ... the feeder that you see in the picture hangs at the 2nd story of the cottage, actually from the porch. When the weather is warm we have all our meals there. The hummers provide for lots of entertainment whilst we are having our supper. The tip of the feeding tube is red. It's very very small and yet the hummers focus on that and find their meals. Also, Marlene and I live in the city. We have a small creek in back of our home. We eat lots of meals on our deck. We have hummers come to the flowers, the blue heron leaves his haunt just at dusk, the turkeys come and go as they please, the deer do as well and the fox, they have a den just on the other side of the creek and we see them all the time ... this is mind you, in the city. Actually there's a little moth that looks very much like a hummer but it comes out only at night. I'm sure you can Google that also.