Saturday, 17 May 2008

Meet the personal trainer!

Meet Wrecks, my personal trainer and exercise machine all rolled into one. He's a rescue dog who went by the name of Rex when we got him but we didn't like that too much so we just changed the spelling so as not to confuse him. He is actually our daughters dog but I do alot of the walking with him as well. Poor old Wrecks has had a difficult past and is very nervous of anyone he doesn't know and won't let any strangers touch his head. He's as loyal; as they come to us and we love him despite all his problems with fear!..he's scared of the washing machine, old crisp packets, old carrier bags that rustle, other dogs (especially Golden Retrievers) , some people, fireworks and the vet. I really don't understand how anyone could have been cruel to him he is so devoted and lovely.
I'm working over this weekend, I finished at 9pm last night and am back in at 7.30 this morning until 6pm tonight, one more early shift tomorrow then some days off...and I'll be back walking in the countryside looking for nature stuff again! May even go out after work today for an hour or so.
Last night at work I watched a squirrel in the Horse Chesnut tree which is level with our staff room, he was eating the flowers of the tree. He looked so pretty as he held the flower 'candle' and nibbled on it, I had no idea they ate them. It would have made a great photo, I'll take my camera to work today in case he returns during my coffee break.


Anonymous said...

Hi Goosey. I have watched that squirrell too!! Greedy thing1 I have "pinched" your lovely dandelion picture and set it as my desktop! Hope you dont mind! Looking forward to our walk. Have some nice days off, you deserve them. See you soon, Karen

Marlene said...

Wrecks sounds like a real sweety. Thanks for the introduction. I could sure use a personal trainer like him; perhaps after I retire.