Thursday, 15 May 2008

More photos

These are more photos that I took the other evening, I am quite pleased with the close-up shots, I only have a fairly basic camera so was surprised to see the amount of detail I could get. The cow photo....well I just couldn't resist putting another picture in!
I have a day off today for which I'm very grateful, difficult shift last night when we lost a young person with several children, always hard to cope with. Very kindly Sister has just phoned to check I am OK today as I dealt with the family afterwards. I have to admit I didn't sleep well last night but have to move on today.
I bought some mealworms this morning to tempt the robin, it's a bit grusome as they are wriggling about! No sign of the Robin yet, I told the family that if the Robin doesn't eat them they'll be for supper......or maybe pets!!! The remainder are in a bag in the fridge, I know my daughter is going to hate that when she gets home!


Border Reiver said...

Thanks for popping by my blog, sounds like you had an awful day, so well deserved the walk along the Stour. I'll keep dipping in now and again. Nice photos's BR

montaguepiedaterre said...

Boy, your blog keeps getting better. I really enjoy the pics. I put some friends onto your blog and they appreciate it as well. I did not know what paliative care was until I looked it up. Takes a special person to do that. Our daughter just graduated from nursing school. She has a job in a hospital in the ER. She's going to see some interesting things there. Have a good weekend. Marlene and I are headed for the cottage you see in our blog. God's blessings on people like you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Goosey, I just love your blog!! You are one special lady and I feel priviledge to think that you are my friend(?) I too struggled with last night, it took a lot for me to go to work today but I did, and was glad that I found it from somewhere whithin. I meant to ring you, to see if you were ok, but I was selfish, too wrapped up in my own feelings of sadness. Hope to work with you again soon, keep up the blog, it is brilliant!! TC Karen