Friday, 2 May 2008

More quilts and stolen bikes

This was a quilt I made a few years ago as a gift for my late Mum-in-law to keep her knees warm, although in latter years she liked to keep it on her bed in her rest home. It was made out of left overs, I don't think I bought any fabric for it. The quilting was a bit fiddly but I'm glad I did it as I think it improved it.
I planted the sweet peas outside yesterday, I hope it isn't too early but living in the south west we really don't get too much frost in the winters now and certainly not in May. The roses are all in bud now and look promising. I love old fashioned roses and so because my birthday is in May I tend to get given a whole new lot of bushes every year...I got five last year! I will find it harder to leave the roses behind if we move (see yesterdays blog) than the actual house.
My youngest son has gone off to the river again today with his friends as he did last week (see '3 silly boys in a boat') They have a day off for a staff training day and the weather is good so they've gone off with suntan lotion, disposable barbeque and sausages!
A couple of weeks ago he cycled down to the beach with two friends for the evening and they locked their bikes together onto a railing. When they returned their bikes were gone and the lock smashed, they called the police who said they were unlikely to get them back. Eventually one was found in the sea but my sons and one other was no where to be seen.One of the lads Fathers brought my son home in the car and as they went back to their house they saw two lads riding the stolen bikes! They followed them for a while until they ended up at a house 5 doors away from our house (which is about 2 miles away from where they were taken). The Father challenged them about where the bikes came from and they said they "found them" but gave the bikes back after being told that the police were looking for them. So we managed by chance to find them quicker than the police did. I would love to have been a fly on the wall in that house when they knew they had been caught red-handed! Justice!


Elaine Adair said...

I enhoyed reading your post about the boys in the boat! FUnny kids - it's a wonder they make it to manhood! LOL Pretty road - I am imagining walking to see where it goes. Saw your comment on Judy's blog - glad to meet you. Come on by and visit me. It's always nice to meet another quilter/blogger. 8-)

Pam said...

Good morning. I just read your profile. I am a staff nurse in Palliative Care and I work 2-3 days a week. I have 3 grown children. My husband and I live in a beautiful area in Canada very close to the sea. We have a dog named Jenny that is a mixed breed - but looks like a Flat coated retriever. My husband calls me "Mrs Duck"

Too funny.

Welcome to blogging!!