Thursday, 22 May 2008

Sunset and popovers

Whilst trawling other peoples blogs I came across a recipe for Popovers, I think they must be an American recipe. They grew like Yorkshire puddings with a gap in the middle but are more bready. If anyone knows how you eat them I would be you eat them as they are or do you add butter and jam ( I think thats jelly in the USA ). They do taste nice as they are though.
Wrecks and I walked nearly three miles last night round part of Poole Harbour, it was a lovely evening with this peaceful sunset.A few water birds about and again alot of swans, perhaps it's a good year for swans! This area is called Holes Bay. Considering this is on the edge of town I expected to see alot of other people about but only saw one runner and two cyclists, D says it's because the European cup was live on TV, well I was glad because it was such a pleasant peaceful stroll.
The garden is really beginning to fill up with colour now, summer is really upon us although the temperatures are still low....that's why I'm indoors playing on the PC instead of doing the garden today!


Border Reiver said...

Hi Goosey, these look scrumptious, I'll await with anticipation the news of how to eat them. Do you know the Artist Edward Vine? He paints many paintings around Poole, Holes Bay.

(Oh and I liked your in flower tree too).

Tattyanne said...

Hi Goosey, hope this will help you find mine!Karen

montague pied a terre said...

Good Morning: I used to make those popovers a lot. I would make them for a mid morning snack after church. I would serve them hot along with a mixture of butter and honey. Just take some honey and butter and stir them together until they are one and the same. Delicious. I learned to make these from an old lodge we used to stay at up in the finger region of Michigan. Marlene and I took a 5 mile walk last night around the lake ... beautiful spring evening ... all the spring flowers smelled wonderful.

montague pied a terre said...

Hello: The fellow in the picture is Garrison Keillor. He hosts a radio show on saturday nights called A Prairie Home Companion. He has music, always a story ... we have listened to him for 30 years. The whole theme centers around a small town on the plains of the Midwest US. He was signing a book of poems that he compiled and of course Marlene being the English teacher she is looks like shes ready to pop. If you're good, you can probably even "stream" the program. If you have'nt "streamed" you should learn to. At the cottage we stream stuff from all over the world onto our laptop computer using the telephone line. If you lived here in the states, I would tell you to have a nice Memorial Day weekend. Since you don't, just have a good weekend.