Monday, 26 May 2008

A walk in the dark

Yesterday was our daughter's 23rd birthday. She and her best friend Caroline were camping between Weymouth and Abbotsbury for a few days, so we went down to join then for a BBQ last night on the campsite. Our very old friends own the neighbouring farm to the campsite so they all came up to join us too..all 10 of them! It was a lovely evening and considering the weatherman said it would rain yesterday and we had wall to wall sunshine, it was amazing. The tent was decorated with balloons and the BBQ went well....if a little flame grilled in places! All topped off with a chocolate birthday cake which I had only finished making just before we left home and it melted a bit on the top...but tasted OK.
When it got to dusk some of us walked down to the fleet lagoon across the fields where there were horses in and we could hardly see a thing on the way back. Through some woods with just a tiny torch to guide us, over stiles and gates. It was worth the walk, this picture is a bit shaky , I should have put the camera on a wall or something but you can see how beautiful it was down there. The lights in the distance are of Portland and the strip in the top of the photo is the famous Chesil beach ( it's a very long spit of shingle beach running from Portland to Abbotsbury )
Here's the birthday girl in the dark as the sun was setting over the water, it's the most amazing scenery. I have been going down to the farm since I was a baby with my parents and have seen this view and the sunsets so many times but I never tire of it and our friends who live there I think never tire of it either.
One last picture, we came back through the fields and it was so dark and up the lane and through the woods when it was pitch black...well just a little moonlight. Everyone trying to spook each other, little brothers trying to scare the girls! Then home, feeling a little sad at leaving it all behind.


Anonymous said...

you are an ambassador of all that is wonderfull! thankyou.I am so looking forward to our walk next week. Karen

Jennie said...

Lovely photos - it is SO many, many years since I was last down by Abbotsbury and the Fleet and Chesil . . . Half a lifetime.