Saturday, 3 May 2008

Weird cakes and peaceful walking

My son decided to ice the cake for me today and for some odd reason he wrote this weird message on it, if you can stand on your head and rotate round you can read it...if not I'll put it at the end of the blog. It tasted good anyway.
Walked the dog again this evening and the picture is of him admiring the view across the fields. It was so quiet, just the birds singing and the most beautiful thrush in full song and a deer grazing in one of the fields. We walked through a wood full of bluebells like a carpet and didn't pass another person during an hour of walking.
I haven't yet worked out how to seperate these photos with the words, there must be a way but I haven't found it yet! Thank you for looking at my blog and commenting, I was beginning to feel a bit lonely!
' I like oxo cubes' is on the cake


Marlene said...

Hi Goosey! Your description of walking through the woods is as beautiful as a poem. It makes me feel peaceful just to read the words.

Eileen said...

Goosey....the bluebells are just stunning...we have carpets of white trilliums now in the woods....