Monday, 12 May 2008

Why does a line of white washing blowing in the breeze stir feelings of cheeriness in me...I don't know, but it does.I used to like seeing a line of white terry nappy's blowing out in the garden when my children were small. I only have a small garden but the washing line is essential if a little short but I don't have a tumble dryer (and I don't want one either!)

I've been to a friends home today to do some sewing with her and another friend, the idea is we do some quilting together...... but alot of chatting goes on, alot of tea drinking and sometimes lovely cakes get made. Sometimes not much stitching gets done at all! Well I did do one more block for the quilt in the picture, I have been sewing one block a day by hand in the evenings and I'm up to 24 now and I have another 32 to go.

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Greentwinsmummy said...

omg!! that quilts incredible :o)! I am with you on the white washing thing,any washing in fact,there is nothing to beat the sight of it all flapping in a gentle breeze,certainly lifts the spirits :o)