Sunday, 22 June 2008

21 years ago

21 years and 18 days ago the young man in the photo was born into our family. Today he and his friend both celebrated their 21st birthdays. it was supposed to be a BBQ on the beach but due to the strong winds blowing sausages, beefburgers, salad etc.. all the way up the beach it had to be transferred to someones house...! Why they both were saluting while everyone sang "happy Birthday" to them, escapes me.
I decided to do these individual cakes instead of a birthday cake but as you can imagine it became a huge games of anagrams soon after!
Afterwards we walked at Stanpit Marsh near Christchurch, saw a cormorant, lots of Black headed gulls and a Great Creasted Grebe. Didn't stay long as I had left my coat behind and it was a little chilly. Still, I'm on holiday this week so will try to get out into the countryside as much as I can.

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happyone said...

Happy Birthday to Daisy and Will.
The cupcakes look delicious.