Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Canal towpath routes

I have no time to get out today, got to do some work sometimes! So....I have put on this picture I took at Chirk last year. I have an idea to walk a towpath from beginning to end, if that exists. I wondered if it would be a good holiday to walk all day, B & B and keep walking every day. Has anyone done this whose reading this? I'd love some ideas if you know of any good canals to walk, preferably not too much town walking.
When we were here last year we happened to meet some friends of ours who were sitting by the canal, we didn't know they were on holiday there, it was a fluke, we had a really good scratch supper with them after a quick trip round the Coop! Amazingly this is the third time this has happened with these friends, once we passed them in the Highlands of Scotland in our car, a quick call on the mobile and we joined up. In Switzerland we met them in a queue to go in a cablecar up a mountain! We must have incredibly similar tastes in our holiday destinations ....Spooky!


Cheryl said...

Now that is really spooky....beautiful photograph.....oh those holidays of yesteryear!!!!

trudi said...

Greetings from the USA. We used to live in England, (Northhamtonshire) way back in the 70's and have gone back many times because we love it so much! Your blog is beautiful and interesting to read. Our good friends have the montaguepiedaterre blog so they told us about your wonderful blog. (By the way, their place is as lovely as it looks on the blog!) Sorry we don't have a blog...maybe someday. Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy it!

happyone said...

It's a small world after all. :-)

I don't know if they have canal walks but if it's a walking vacation you want check out The Wayfarers. I've been on two of their walks. The England coast to coast and the Ring of Kerry in Ireland. Fabulous vacations!! They treat you like royality.

montaguepiedaterre said...

Actually a brit friend told me about renting these canal boats ... you go from town to town, use a bike to get around the town, work the locks, pass through beautiful countryside that you have so wonderfully depicted in your blog ... maybe some day we will tour the English countryside in one of these small norrow canal boats powered by little diesel engines.