Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Canal walking and hanging pigs!

Last night we walked for a couple of miles along the Kennet and Avon canal just this side of Bath. It was a beautiful still summer evening and just right for a stroll. We would have walked further but were quite tired having walked several miles already around Dyrham Park and other places too. The canal is like a secret world of boat people living quietly moored up to the bank. Some had the most amazing gardens on top of the barge and their pushbikes at the back. I saw people growing carrots, onions, beans, peas and all sorts of flowers. One lady passed us on her pushbike carrying a couple of buckets on her way to fetch water from the little hut about half a mile up the canal. One was fishing of the side of his barge...and talking of fishing we saw this guy below in the photo probably fishing too! We decided we would come back another time and walk to Bradford on Avon and back along the towpath. We would love to have a canal boat holiday but they are very expensive to hire so we'll content ourselves with the towpath.....and very happy we'll be.
This is the oddest picture I took, it appears to be a wooden pig hung by it's snout from a tree on the opposite bank of the canal. Why?.....I haven't a clue! It's not a real pig I promise, it seemed to be a hotch potch of wood and metal.

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happyone said...

How odd to see the pig up the tree like that!!