Sunday, 29 June 2008

Chaldon Herring

Isn't the name Chaldon Herring a great name for a village. We parked just outside the village and went for a wander across the chalk downland, in this picture it looks a bit dark because it was about 8.15pm and the sun had just gone behind the hill. Linnets and Chaffinches everywhere on the scrubby bushes at the side of the path. Pheasants calling and rabbits aplenty.
This lovely old farm building is on the road to the village, as you can see they use it as a garage now but you can imagine the old farm carts being drawn out by shire horses off to do the work in the past. The door to the hay loft up high.
This is the main part of the village and the grass in the foreground is the village green. Arthur Mee in his book 'Dorset' written in 1939 says "Chaldon Herring . A lonely and lovely place it is among the downs, nine miles from Wareham, out of sight of the waves but close enough......"
Now it gives the air of a village which has lost it's heart, it all seems too prim and proper and very middle class...lots of big cars, trimmed hedges and manicured lawns. Maybe I'm doing it a disservice but that's the feel I got as I wandered around. However the walk across the downs was wonderful and I'll definatly be back again.


Tricia said...

Hi Goosey - I think Dorset wins the prize for the most amazing place names; the one you quote included! One of my favourites is Piddletrenthide! I love Dorset place names and most of them seem to consist of two words such as Kington Magna.

MrsL said...

Chaldon Herring is one of my favourite places; interesting literary conenctions and a great pub to boot!