Thursday, 26 June 2008

Dyrham House and blackbirds for tea

Well who invited him for tea! This wasn't at Dyrham and I know birds scavenge at tea rooms alot (and who can blame them!) but I like his cheek!
This is the rear of Dyrham House and this wall had so many roses growing up it with the Ladys Mantle underneath and was stunning.
After we had done the obligatory walk round the house we escaped to have a walk around the grounds. Most people walk down to the house and get the free bus back to the car park which is uphill...we did it the other way round as we were so hungry when we got there that we wanted to get to the cafe and enjoy some NT soup and roll before they ran out! Anyway we walked up a very steep slope to the top of the grounds where hardly anyone else was and sat looking over the view to the Welsh Hills, just relaxing, we had been there for a good 10 minutes before we realised that about 10 yards away was this herd of deer sitting in the long grass! I know that they are probably well used to people but we didn't expect to get that close! Walked right round the edge of the estate, as far as we could before ending up at the car park again only to be met by a large herd of lively bullocks completely blocking the gate, we eventually managed to skirt round them and found a gap to get through!
Quite a few Buzzards around and pied wagtails too.

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happyone said...

I would have done that too. Sounds like a wonderful day. How lucky to be able to see all those deer together like that!!