Monday, 2 June 2008

Foxes, Stagbeetles and slow worms

As I was walking along the road this morning a fox came out of a driveway nearly bumping into me..I don't know who was more surprised , him or me! I was too slow to get a photo but this is a picture I took last year in the garden. It's a bit reflected because I took this through the patio door but I still like it and have a copy up in our lounge.
Found a slow worm in the garden too, it's only a little garden but I have gardened it organically for 27 years so we do get quite a bit of wildlife passing through.

Don't read this if you're a bit squeamish about big beetles! Every year at the end of May the stag beetles come out of their logs they have been pupating in, in our garden and fly around like kami kazi pilots for one or two evenings before the garden is littered with dead bodies of the afore mentioned beetles. It's all a bit gruesome but I like the fact that they are rarer now, but we still have them. We don't sit out in the garden on those evenings because they seem to have absolutely no sense of direction and clumsily bump into things constantly! Some are really big, the ones in the photo were average sized, about 1 1/2 " Sorry the picture isn't brilliant but you get the idea.


Tattyanne said...

Wow Goosey! You never cease to amaze me! I am soo looking forward to our walk tomorrow. I dont think the weather is too favourable but never mind. Karen

Border Reiver said...

You're extremely lucky to have stag beetles in your garden. Loved the walk too in the next posting. I may be from North East but my new home is wonderful Dorset.

shirl said...

Hi there Goosey :-)

Great to hear of wildlife that I don't see in my garden :-D

It must have been quite a surprise to see a fox both in your own garden and now as you walk along the street.

The stag beetle I have seen although at the time I had absolutely no idea what it was. I put it in a bucket thinking I had discovered something odd! I then let it go as it didn’t stay still :-O

The slow worms I have never seen although the odd adder is more likely to be seen in my neck of the woods – I think :-)

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. The camera in the Nestbox is quite compulsive viewing! Tonight I fear the worse once again. The blue tit chicks really aren’t growing as much as they should. I have a video from yesterday that shows five chicks looking lively. Tonight I can only see four and two are definitely smaller - how quickly the progress changes.

Happy bird and wildlife watching :-D

Jane said...

Hi Goosey. Great to see that you have stag beetles! you are sooooooooooo lucky. Really wish I had some. I have lots of rotten wood piles around the garden, but no stags! Where do they live in your garden? am I doing the right thing with the wood piles, do you think? or wasting my time? I love the walks you go on... lots of places I know, but some I don't. Jane

Jane said...

Great to see that you have stag beetles. You are sooooooooooo lucky. Wish I had some.... I've lots of rotten wood piles but no stags yet! Nudge some my way! I love your walks and pictures. Some places I know, others I'd like to know and will now visit. Jane

Jane said...

whoops posted twice! thought the first one hadn't gone properly! You'd better delete one of those! Jane