Thursday, 19 June 2008

Hidden England

I don't want to burst the bubble but I wonder if my blog gives a true picture of Britian as it is now in the 21st century. There is alot of bad stuff, more violence in our society and a lack of tolerance, binge drinking, teenage pregnancy, it's all a bit depressing. When you look around there's not much to be cheery about. It's not all chocolate box cottages and green fields....

BUT....I love the countryside with a passion and I feel you can escape the gloomy part of life by getting away into the great outdoors. It's really not far away and it's still there if you can get yourself off the beaten track. My idea of a good walk isn't a walk around a purpose built gravel track ( although of course there is a place for these ) it's going to places where not so many people go, the 'Hidden England'. It's all there for the want of finding it, now that petrol is so expensive it costs more to get out into the hidden places but as we don't smoke or drink ( apart from the odd glass of wine now and again ) we feel our vice is going out in the car to find somewhere we haven't been before so we pay for it!..not very enviromentally friendly I know but we do cycle, walk or moped to work!

It's not all bad, we live in a town that isn't troubled by too much bad stuff and is a pleasant place to live but we still hanker to live away from the town, maybe set up a B & B in the countryside with enough land to have a nature reserve and gear it towards people who like nature, birds, painting and suchlike.

Sorry this is a bit of a rant today but I don't want people to think life is so perfect that the other side doesn't exist...but I choose to see the better side and tomorrow I'll be back to that again!!
By the way this is a photo of Piddletrenthide if you're wondering!...and perhaps I need to get out somewhere like that to stop the gloomy thoughts!


Border Reiver said...

It's also this weather Goosey. Everyone is having a bad time at the moment I think because we're all so fed up with the gloomy skies. So don't apologise for the rant, it's good to get it out in the open. It's the solstice tomorrow, we'll all feel happier soon. And as my mentor, "uncle Bob" used to say, a real Essex countryman, born, lived and died in the same village "If you're down in the ditch, always look up" Great man, great man indeed.

BTW drop me an e-mail and I'll send you that photo in normal size. You're more than welcome to share it.

Jane said...

No, not a rant Goosey. Just the truth. The good thing is that you know that the hidden countryside is still out there... a lot of people have totally forgotten that (or have never discovered it). I was born and brought up in smoky North London in the 1960's, and I thank my lucky stars that I've ended up in Dorset. It feels like I've lived here (or was meant to live here) all my life. We have to hang on to the hidden countryside that we still have... so that we can sometimes escape our day to day lives. Jane

happyone said...

Even though bad things happen everywhere, there are lots more good things happening. :-)
A sunny day will make you feel better.

Jennie said...

I used to LIVE in Piddletrenthide - a lifetime ago now . . .

Lovely post, and yes, there are dreadful and depressing headlines in the papers (esp. if you real the Daily Mail as I do!) but there are good people too - and good people don't get written about.

Carry on enjoying the countryside, as we do here.