Friday, 13 June 2008

Old hidden tramways

The garden is full of roses at the moment and in the early morning and evening it all smells lovely. Last night some people came to collect our old greenhouse which we had decided to get rid of, we put it on 'Freecycle' and we were fighting people off for it! What a brilliant idea Freecycle is, we would have had to hire a van to take it away but I put it on the website and it just went with virtually no effort from us at all....well my other half might not say that as he dismantled it for them! We would definitely use it again if we need to get rid of stuff and nice that things are reused.
We walked across Hartland Moor/Middlebere yesterday evening. I never know where Hartland and Middlebere start and stop...I must look at an OS map when I get a minute. Anyway we came up and found ourselves walking along this long disused tramway. The clay was once taken along these tracks behind small steam trains to the river at Wareham. Even now if you look at the photo you can see where the sleepers would have been..faint lines of grass across the track. We had to walk a short stretch along the main road to Swanage, not nice as the cars go haring along and you feel a little vulnerable.
Lots of common cotton grass growing in the boggy areas, it looks really pretty scattered across the heath. Heard a cuckoo but didn't see it today.


Cheryl said...

Beautiful blooms and a path leading to nowhere......I love it.
Have a great weekend.

happyone said...

Love the roses with the daisies. Very pretty.

Duxbury Ramblers said...

We don't hear many Cuckoos now, never seen one for a few years. Then again my eyes are usually looking for flowers :)
We have freecycle round here and like you say a great idea.