Friday, 6 June 2008

Slow worms and sparrows

Well look who turned up in the garden today! After I saw the slow worm a few days ago my son put down a metal cover on the grass to see if we could attract him and maybe some other reptiles in and hey he (or she) is!He was about 8" long. Last year my son worked for two weeks with the Dorset Wildlife Trust as his work experience from school. He really enjoyed going out with the rangers and came back with all sorts of things we could do to attract wildlife to the garden which we were either already doing or have done since. This was one of his ideas although we didn't do it until this week and didn't have to wait long for a result.
Still quite a few dying stag beetles around! I keep finding odd pincers and bits of them so I am guessing they fight and bits drop off them...nice!

This morning just after I had got home after night shift I was just relaxing in the lounge ( having a cup of tea and watching Springwatch that I had recorded) when two young sparrows came hurtling straight into the window, one flew up into the tree the other went down onto the patio and looked a very odd shape. We thought it had broken its wing and probably its neck too so my son said we should put it out of its misery, we watched for a minute ...just to check and it started to straighten up and after 20 minutes flew up into the tree to join it's kami kazi brother!


montague pied a terre said...

Boy, the bird list is burgeoning. The photos continue to amaze. PS It appears that A Prairie Home Companion occurs on #7 of the BBC, if that makes sense ... I am not familiar with the program media in England. Have a wonderful weekend. Our daughter begins her work as an RN next week. Is that exciting or what?

Border Reiver said...

Do you have a window opposite a window? Birds will mistake this for a tunnel and fly into the glass. Normally they're just stunned, but the shock can kill them later. At least this one was okay. Great news re the slow-worms too, keep putting the tin out, you may just get others

Greentwinsmummy said...

Lovely photos recently :o) what was it you put on the grass to get the slow worm under? we have them here & am so longing to show the smalls one but they alawys slither away before I can call them over :o)