Saturday, 14 June 2008

Soaked to the skin and a romantic flower

This lovely Tortoiseshell butterfly was in the garden on the Sweet Williams, so pretty. We always grow Sweet Williams in the garden to remind us of my husbands parents who have passed away now. George always grew them in his garden as his wife (my husbands Mother ) before she was married 60 or so years ago , her maiden name was Williams....isn't that romantic!
This evening we went up to Fiddleford again to walk, parked by the Mill and walked over the weir and into an amazing meadow pictured above. We followed the River round hoping to see some Kingfishers but the sky got darker and darker until we got absolutley soaked in a heavy shower of rain!
The River Stour as you see is beautiful and still, but I think the wildlife was disappearing because they knew what was coming!
As the rain began to lessen we ventured out from the shelter of a big old oak tree and just stood and stared at this rainbow seeming to come down into the tree. It was tempting to run over and see if there was a pot of gold at the end of it!
The light after the shower was lovely and this field was actually covered in buttercups but it doesn't show up too well in this shot...but what a place to stand and spend a few minutes. The cows in the field we were in just stared at us as if we were barking mad!
By the time we had walked a mile back to the car through the long grass of the meadow our jeans had acted like blotting paper and the water had crept up our legs...more so for me as I'm about a foot shorter than my it only got as far as his knees! We only walked about 2 miles because we were wimpy about the rain, a poor excuse I know!


Duxbury Ramblers said...

You are right the animals and birds always disappear before bad weather, I still think you had a good walk, I love looking at the photos to see if I can identify the flowers on them, I find myself doing it without thinking. Lovely romantic story about your parents in law.

Border Reiver said...

Good to see Fiddleford get another airing Goosey. I'm just about to put a posting on about the trailway...

Cheryl said...

The english countryside in all her glory. Stunning photographs.
The sweet william story is romantic, a lovely memory.

happyone said...

Beautiful pictures.
Sweet William flowers - so pretty and yes that was romantic!!
Love the rainbow!!