Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Summer evenings

Tattyanne( )and I decided to go for a nature walk yesterday to see what was rained all day!............... So we waited for the evening and off we went, first of all to Eyebridge near Wimborne and then onto White Mill near Sturminster Marshall. Lots of stuff about, saw a Hare almost as soon as we left the car, a Kingfisher flashed by a couple of times but didn't settle so we could get a better look. The water was very high after so much rain over the past few days and sadly it looked as if some of the kingfisher nest holes may have been flooded out, so the first broods may have been lost. A handsome looking Reed Bunting was singing on top of some reeds, Goldfinches, Blackbirds, Wrens and Long tailed Tits all about. Fish were leaping up, well out of the water giving us a fright so close to us!
While we were leaning on a fence just hoping to see a Kingfisher there was suddenly a huge disturbance in the trees opposite and two Little Egrets flew up being chased by a Gull of some sort, they flew around, over our heads their bright orange feet looking like weird slippers on the end of legs with black tights on! One of them settled opposite where we were standing and we had a really good view of it with its long crest on its head curling back. I am hoping that there will be some good pictures coming up on tattyannes blog sometime today, she has a DSLR camera with a zoom and took lots of photos. Tatty has recently changed to blogspot, she had been blogging on another site, do look at her stuff, it's good, especially the robin in her kitchen window.
Lots of these Banded Agrion dragonflies at White mill by the river and a Buzzard flying low over the meadow, probably on the hunt for little creatures for supper. A cuckoo calling in the distance and Thrushes singing, a perfect summer evening. Thanks Tattyanne!
It's one of my son's 21st birthday today...where have all those years gone?


Border Reiver said...

I would say hello and have a look at Tattyanne's blog, sadly nothing there.... it'll be those stag beetles, have bitten through the cables :-)

Tricia said...

Hi Goosey - that's a great picture of a great dragonfly :)