Thursday, 5 June 2008

Lower Bockhampton

There is a little bridge over a tributary of the River Frome at Lower Bockhampton near Dorchester, a pretty little village where time seems to have stood still. This photo was taken in winter but I expect it looks even better at the moment now everything has greened up. I especially like these signs on the bridge, I suspect that some people who are fed up with the way Britian is at the moment may be tempted to have a free ride to Australia for a bit of vandalism!
What is a "ponderous carriage" I wonder! I think these signs date back quite a long way but I'm not sure how old they are exactly. Lovely day today but I'm on night shift tonight and for a couple of days, so no walks for me until the weekend.


Border Reiver said...

many people have called me a "Ponderous Carriage" snowgoosey :-)

Marlene said...

What a beautiful old village. I love the signs too.