Monday, 23 June 2008

Weald and Downland Museum & Uppark

How appropriate for me is this Goose I shot ( sorry unfortunate turn of phrase!) I snapped at the Weald and Downland Museum just north of Chichester in Sussex! We have a few days holiday and are not going away, just having some days out. The museum was lovely but I was a little disappointed that the rooms in the houses were not dressed more. I have been to other of these open air type museums which have been better presented inside the houses. One or two were good but the majority not so good.

This was a lovely house with a beautiful garden too. It was nice and warm today but not so hot that you don't want to walk. It was nice to see these types of houses again as I was born in Sussex and they are very familiar to me. I always thought I'd go back to Sussex but I met a Dorset man and 27 years later I'm still in Dorset! Not complaining though.
In the afternoon we went to Uppark House where this photo of the steps is taken. The house was good, I especially like to see where the servants used to live and work....I think if I were about then I would probably be a servant! Some good walks round the grounds which we did but not much bird activity, maybe it was too hot today.


happyone said...

Loved the steps lines with the purple flowers - so pretty.

Cheryl said...

I spent many a happy holiday in Chichester when my children were little....beautiful area....enjoy

September said...

Great work.