Friday, 11 July 2008

Coombe Keynes

We wandered along this path last night near Coombe Keynes in Dorset, as it happens we were in the wrong place as we were looking for the nature reserve and this isn't it! But, it might as well have been as we saw lots of deer and a couple of Buzzards, foxgloves lined the paths and the wind rustled through the grasses.
A little while later after we had consulted the OS Map we found ourselves walking towards the reserve from the Coombe Keynes road at Kimberts End. As soon as we got onto the bridle path we saw a deer and her fawn sniffing around the edge of a maize field. Another Buzzard and a quick flash of a hare running between the rows of maize as we walked along. Due to our wrong path previously we didn't have time to get to the reserve, but we will go back sometime I'm sure and the path to it was as good, after all no-one tells the creatures what is a nature reserve and what is not!
There was a farm there selling free range time I will have money in my pocket for that too.
Our son had run on through the reserve as part of his fitness plan, and as he came out the other side he met this fellow snouting in the grass. He took this with his mobile so it's not great quality. He tried one using the zoom but it was just a blur. It did ruin his run but I think he felt it was worth it, he still did a three mile circuit . We wished we had gone just a little further and seen it too. Not a bad evening's will have to do for a couple of days as I am on night shift for a couple of it's fox watching out of the window and listening to the dawn chorus!
I didn't go on the Nightjar walk the other evening as it didn't stop raining so I thought it may be cancelled, they'll always be another time.


Greentwinsmummy said...

I am in complete awe of how often you get out & about in our beautiful countryside :o)
I had never seen a real badger till movng here,sadyl for ages all I saw was dead ones :o( but have been blessed now with seeing them lumber out from hedges on the way back from knitting in another village,I even saw a mum & a baby!

Cheryl said...

What an amazing see the wildlife in all its glory....and the badger, lovely. I have only ever seen a badger once in the wild.....a moment I will treasure....they are such shy creatures.

Goosey said...

GTM- I promise I do some work sometimes! We do try and get out two or three evenings a week, it's so relaxing.
Lucky you to see a Badger and baby...

Cheryl- We see them occasionally when we are walking and know where some setts are to go and watch them.They don't notice you coming quite often if the wind doesn't alert them to your scent.

Jennie said...

Your son was so fortunate to see that badger and catch it on film. Like GTM, sadly we mainly see dead ones around here - in fact, I wouldn't mind betting that the farmers deliberately run them down if they see them on the lanes, because of the TB link between cattle and badgers.

There are setts locally in the very steep wooded hillsides around our home, and they have their latrines at the top of the hill. You can often see where they have been worming along the lane-side banks.