Thursday, 3 July 2008

Fresh start

I read a blog by Sarah,
the other day and she had been reading a 1930's book about housework and the suggestion was that you do all the housework stuff such as cleaning, washing, ironing, hoovering, cooking etc in the morning and leave the afternoon for crafts, gardening, etc.. ( what I would call the 'gentle arts'). Good idea I thought, so today I happened to wake early at about, I got up and walked Wrecks the dog at shocked him!!! See the photo above as to his thoughts on the matter! We walked for 40 minutes then I came back and got stuck in and It's just gone midday and I have finished!! Hooray!! I even found time to make some Lemon Curd so the house smells lovely.Thanks Sarah for the idea.
I'm now here on the that a gentle art?...not sure about that!
I haven't done too much country walking this week as I've been quite busy but I've got a day off on Sunday so hopefully we'll get out and about then.Bird feeders are covered with Sparrows and below it the ground feeding Dunnock and of course the Wood Pigeons. The Great Tits are still visiting too.
The sunset photo was taken at Moors Valley Country park last week where I walked in the evening with my daughter and Wrecks. Usually it's a very busy place and we avoid it but in the evening it's so quiet that it's a pleasure.
Well it's afternoon now so I'm off to do a little light weeding!


happyone said...

I woke early this morning too at 5:30 and got up and walked - only I'm 5 hours later than you. After I have some breakfast I'll be cleaning too.
Enjoy the rest of your day. :-)

Cheryl said...

Beautiful dog.....what a good idea, getting up early and getting lots done.....then the afternoon doing the 'nice things' will we feel getting up that early in the winter??