Sunday, 6 July 2008

Kimmeridge in the rain and wind!

Despite it being a very blowy afternoon we parked in the little old quarry above Kimmeridge and went for a walk. My Husband and 16 year old son went right along the ridge in the photo, when they got to they highest point you can see in this picture they dropped down into Tyneham which is out of sight the other side of the ridge.. Tyneham is a village that was taken over by the army many years ago and sadly the inhabitants never were allowed back after the war had ended so it has become a bit of a ghost village. The village in the foreground is Kimmeridge. I went on a different track because it's easier to try and train Wrecks with just me there. He walked beautifully this afternoon. I climbed up higher the other way and despite the weather it was stunning to see. The wind was so strong up on the top it nearly took me off my feet! Being up so high I could see the rain coming so back down the hill quick and under the shelter of a huge chestnut tree Wrecks and I sat it out and didn't get a bit wet!
There is still beauty out there even on the most bad weather day isn't there. These wayside flowers are just so pretty.
Last night Tattyanne and I went on a Nightjar and Glow worm walk at Corfe Mullen on the heathland. It started at 9pm and we were led by the Dorset Wildlife Trust warden, Nicky to a spot where we would be sure to see and hear the Nightjars and a few minutes later we were treated to a display by the birds! Later we walked on as the night fell and saw three or four Glow worms...I hadn't realised how bright they are, almost fluorescent. It was a lovely walk so thank you to Jane and Nicky for that. I hadn't done one of these organised walks before and was a little nervous but it was Ok.
This picture is for you, GTM...hope it makes sense, if it's not highlighted it's still in the freezer. You should be able to click on it to see it better.


Jane said...

Hi Goosey. It was "my" nightjar walk you came on! (Jane) I wish I'd known it was you... I would have introduced myself better. It was organised for my Nature Watch Corfe Mullen project at Nicky also lives in Corfe Mullen (but works at DWT during the day) and she agreed to lead the walk. I'm glad you enjoyed it, the nightjars really performed and it's always great seeing the glow worms. You can see my report on the website (above). My flycatchers hatched today, so I will be blogging later with some pics. Thanks again for coming! Jane

Cheryl said...

What a wonderful walk you must of had goosey...the scenery is breathtaking.

I have glow-worms in the garden here. My granddaughter thinks they are fairy lights!!!

Lynmiranda said...

Hi Goosey,

That is amazing that there are nightjars and glowworms on Corfe Mullen heathland. Is that the heathland not far from the landfill site?

Leanne said...

I kept a list on my freezer for a couple of years, it was so useful. When i moved here, it didnt get redone, dont know why, but its something I am going to do again.

Lovely photos by the way Dorset is gorgeous, I am in somerset, just over the dorset/somerset border, and its equally beautiful. we are so blessed to live in this beautiful region. :-)

Leanne x

Pied A Terre said...

The beauty of your website is truly astounding. We were gone to Pied A Terre for a week and were out of touch internetwise. It's good to be back to work and to see more of your wonderful creativity on the internet.

happyone said...

Your right, that is beautiful in any weather!!
I've never seen a glow worm! How fascinating they must be to see.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog! Your pictures are beautiful and capture the area in which you live so well. We visited Devon in June of 2004 and stayed on a farm near Branscombe. The coastal hikes and footpath explorations were wonderful We also went to Dorset and stayed on another farm near Sherborne and had fun exploring villages, pubs, and the coast near Lulworth. Since we can't come to England right now, your blog is a bit of a vacation! Thanks!

Jennie said...

I know all of the places you photograph and write about SO WELL and you have brought a huge wave of homesickness in me (though we have been here in Wales for over 20 years now).

I know Corfe Mullen area particularly well (used to live at Lytchett Matravers in fact) and only wish I had seen Nightjars when we lived there.