Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Now you see it...now you don't!

This is Kimmeridge again. Those of you who are local will know about the tower at Kimmeridge but for those who don't, this is it. Due to erosion the cliffs have been receding and Clavell Tower which is perched on the top above the cove had to be moved back to save it from it's fate in the sea. Last year the work started and when we were there the other day it is clear that it is nearly complete. The above picture was taken just after they had started to rebuild it last year and you can see how far they have moved it back and below as it is now. Apparently they are going to use it as a holiday home, I think it belongs to the National Trust. What an amazing view you would get seeing dawn and sunset.
The weather here is still a bit iffy, I've been running in and out all day rescuing washing! Saw a young Goldfinch whilst Wrecks and I were walking this morning, four Ring Collared Doves in the graveyard, and a Green Woodpecker flying away.


happyone said...

Oh yes, I can imagine the view there every day.
It would be breathtaking.
I love looking at your photos.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful photographs and breathtaking views.
There are lots of birds in the garden, and bumblebees.....very few butterflys though.....
the goldfinch is such a lovely bird and the green woodpecker is one of my favourites....I love to hear him laugh.

Greentwinsmummy said...

my elderly neighbour has one of her old pupils who is quite involved with moving that tower! cant recall her name,she has told me but I cant remember doh.you take superb photos Goosey :o)