Saturday, 19 July 2008

Somewhere new

Today has been a lovely day, our Church hired out Holton Lee near Sandford for a rest and relaxation time for everyone. Mark and his wife Angie did the most amazing BBQ, probably the best I've ever been to and the sweets afterwards were all homemade, lovely. After lunch about 20 of us went for a walk down to the edge of the harbour.....and this was the view! It's remote because no-one can get to it usually. Some folk stayed back at the site and played rounders, quoits, boules, tennis, cricket or just vegged out.
Anyway back to the view, after a while the path got a bit overgrown and most turned back but five of us continued on through the brambles and were rewarded with this view.
This was where we had the Church day, probably 60 to 70 people were there, it was nice to get to know people better and just relax. There was a bird hide we walked to but more of that another time. Afterwards my husband and I drove onto Purbeck and walked another 4 miles along the coast legs ache!!!!
In total with walking Wrecks this morning I've walked 7 1/2 miles.


Linda said...

Hello....I was just surfing the blogs, and came across yours.
I Love it! Love your pictures!
I was wondering if I might add your link to my "Favorites"?

Goosey said...

I would be honoured, Linda...and I'll have a peek at yours too now I know about you! BW Goosey

Cheryl said...

Hi Goosey....sounds like a perfect day to me.....the views are must be oh so fit!!!!

happyone said...

You had a good long walk. I would have loved walking along with you.
What a great view as a reward!!!

Duxbury Ramblers said...

That's the sort of day we enjoy, good fellowship with the weather to go with it.