Friday, 25 July 2008

Stapehill abbey Quilt show

What a lovely way to spend a summer friend Sandra and I went to Stapehill Abbey to see all the beautiful quilts on show made by local ladies. This Cloister garden is next to the quilts and a peaceful oasis to wander round, which we of course did.The abbey is 19th century and has beautiful gardens, but more of that another time. For 200 years it was the home of a silent order of Cistercian Nuns, and someone that Sandra and I know actually went to school here, taught by the Nuns ( I assume that wasn't silent!) No school I ever went to was as pretty as this one!
The quilts were hung in wonderful old rooms and the natural light added to their charm. We were both inspired but also a little feeling that we could never aspire to such amazing works of art ourselves. Still, it didn't stop us both buying some cut up and sew together again!!!!
We took a picnic out into the garden and sat by the lake to eat it, met other people we knew, chatted to people we didn't know and just really enjoyed it. So now....where's my sewing box?.......


happyone said...

WOW those quilts are absolutley beautiful!!
So much work!!!
Sounds like a wonderful day out.

Mary said...

What a wonderful place to have a quilt show! Lovely!