Saturday, 5 July 2008

Walking,walking and more walking

I have been reading the book by Cesar Milan about training dogs and he reackons 3/4 hour morning and evening walks for a dog. I have to say I have done less than that so I increased the time. Poor old Wrecks!! I got up at and walked him for 3/4 hour before going into work today, the only rare thing I saw was a milkman in a milk float...they are getting less and less common I notice!
Went to work and afterwards I took him for another 3/4 hour round a local country the rain!! Tonight I am supposed to be going on an organised nature walk with tattyanne but wonder if it is still on with the weather as it is. If it is I'll write about it tomorrow.

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Cheryl said...

Is Wrecks enjoying his new lifestyle??
and are you?? You should both be fit and healthy, thats for sure.....