Friday, 18 July 2008

Wearing the dog out near Kinston Lacy

I'm not overgood on butterfly recognition, especially when they won't be obliging and open their wings, but I think this is a Wall Brown which is nearly always in the garden...please correct me if I'm wrong.
Last night my daughter and I and of course 'Wrecks the dog' walked near Kingston Lacy House just north of Wimborne. For those who are not local, Kingston Lacy is a large country mansion dating from 1663 which was owned by the Bankes family but now is run by the National Trust. It's on the opposite side of the road to Badbury Rings, which I think you can see on the far left of this picture almost behind the tree on the left. Badbury rings is an ancient Iron age hill fort which you can walk around, there are signs of occupation in the Bronze age there too. We had walked up this long straight path from the road where there are usually alot of butterfly's but it was a bit cloudy and occasional showery rain so nothing doing last night. going right across the top of the picture is the famous avenue of beech trees which line the road between Kingston Lacy and Badbury Rings, it stretches for 2 miles and originally had 365 Beech trees but due to storm damage and the age of the trees there are not so many now.
Took this through a hedge but the light was getting a little low by this time. I don't want to be depressing but it seems the nights are drawing in a bit now and the evening walks will either have to start earlier or be shorter.


Ursula said...

I've decided after reading your blog for several weeks , I'm lazy . You are out most evenings walking and that is what i am going to start doing . I go up to Cumbria working for six weeks next week and I will start then . Ursula x

happyone said...

That IS definitely a Wall Brown - I looked it up.

Beautiful scenery - thanks for the little history lesson. :-)

Greentwinsmummy said...

I have noticed the nights slipping nearer be honest I am not that worried,I adore Autumn :o) & round here its stunning! & I find Winter doesn have the false promise that Summer has...sigh! I love Spring but have never been a fan of Summer pah lol! just as well eh?!
I spent many a family picnic as a small at Badbury Rings,a wnderful place :o)

Cheryl said...

Hi Goosey...sounds like a lovely walk.....did wrecks enjoy it??

I have been gardening this evening and thought the same thing....the nights are drawing in, and yet we don't seem to have really had a summer.....

Jane said...

Ditto... you wear me out snowgoosey! Could the butterfly be a meadow brown? not sure but looks similar to one I saw the other day. Hopefully the weather will improve this weekend and we can all get out... instead of you just putting us all to shame!

Goosey said...

The blog makes me seem alot fitter and out walking more than I really am!
I do walk every day because of Wrecks ( at least 2 miles sometimes up to 4 or 5 )and we do drive out of the town if we can as it is so much nicer. We don't smoke or drink or gamble.......but our vice is using too much diesel to go and do a walk!
Happyone is a real walker, doing 5 -6 miles a day!