Friday, 29 August 2008

Arne Nature Reserve

I haven't been to Arne for years, close to it on Hartland Moor and Middlebere but we have tended to avoid Arne because of the numbers of people there, but yesterday I decided to go there. I was pleasantly surprised and found that despite the car park being full I could escape off into a quiet the grockle beaten track! I found a hide looking over the harbour, it was a hide with two floors, I went downstairs and was able to watch on my own and upstairs appears to have been crowded by the number of feet that were clattering about above me and the general noise. I'm not really a solitary person except when I'm bird watching!There were deer everywhere as you can see in the photo.
Looking out I could see alot of Shags, Redshank, and lots of Little it my imagination or have the Grey Herons declined in numbers since the Egrets have turned up?
A group of Mum's were down there with their children and a group of about 10-12 little boys aged 5 to 10 were running through the woods with big sticks chasing each other. Some of them were hiding in the ferns from the others but not very well as they were too excited to be quiet when they were hiding! As they ran past me I heard a little boy shout to his friend " This is my best day in the world!" Although I'm sure they annoyed some of the serious bird watchers I thought it was lovely to see children outside doing what children should be doing. Lets get our youngsters out into the fresh air just to be what they are...young and exuberant.
Saw this fine toadstool at Middlebere, I don't know what it is, I will look it up.
This was a huge beastie which was moving around and buzzing in a demented sort of a way...again I'm not sure what it is.
Anyway I did enjoy my time at Arne and I will return sometime and spend more time just sitting and less time walking!


Tricia said...

Sounds as though you had a great day Goosey - thanks for the trip :)

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Excellent photos - as always.
Enjoyed the Holiday photos they were wonderful.

Border Reiver said...

Hi snowgoosey, I love Arne, and as you say even if the car park is full, one can quickly find peace and quiet.

Which is not what your beastie is known for - that's a hornet, wonderful insect, great photo, but I'd recommend not getting too close to it's sting.

Jane said...

Hi. Arne's a wonderful place. I tend to go there in the Winter, but as you say, you can get away from the crowds. I love the countryside and views there, they are very relaxing. Great pictures... especially the hornet!

Goosey said...

Thank you Tricia and Dux! was a lovely day. BR, thank you for identifying the beastie, I had a suspicion that it was a hornet but wasn't sure.

Jennie said...

It's a LONG time since I was last at Arne, goosey. Thanks for reviving some memories. The fungus looks a bit like one of the Parasol Mushroom family.